The Fourth INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (ITT 2017) focusing on Innovative Technologies for Smart Learning is a major international research conference for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, research findings and outcomes, best practices and case studies, national and international projects, institutional standards and policies on innovative technologies for smart learning. The conference will be will be held in Higher Colleges of Technology -Al Ain Women’s College (AAWC), UAE on 25 – 26 OCTOBER 2017.

ITT 2017 will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars, academics, PhD students, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers to discuss innovative ideas and approaches in the emerging areas of smart education, smart e-learning, applications of innovative technologies in education and e-learning, smart classrooms and smart educational institutions, and knowledge-based smart society.

Authors are invited to submit conference papers that combine cutting-edge research with practical, real-life applications and on the other hand discuss the practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted.

The ITT 2017 conference will cover a broad set of research topics included but not limited to:


Track SmartED: Smart Education

  • Innovative technologies for smart education
  • Smart blended, distance, online and open education
  • Smart curriculum
  • Smart labs, classrooms and campus
  • Smart assessments
  • Smart education in developing regions
  • Standards and policies in smart education
  • Practices and cases in smart education
  • Simulations and modelling for smart education
  • Distance Learning to eLearning to smart learning
  • Other smart education issues

Track In edu2SCity: Innovative Education to Smart Cities

  • Next Generation Campus
  • Smart management and administration
  • Smart home
  • Smart healthcare
  • Smart cities
  • Smart society
  • Future learning in smart cities
Track InTech4Learn: Innovative Technologies and Learning 

  • Innovative technology enhanced teaching and learning
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) in learning environments
  • Smart phones and smart devices in teaching and learning
  • Game based learning
  • Cloud Computing based learning
  • Robotics in education
  • Big data  for education
  • Virtual Learning Environments for effective learning
  • Virtual Reality in education
  • Smart multimedia for learning
  • Smart technologies and applications for education and e-learning
  • Innovative technologies for education and globalization
  • Security in innovative learning environments
  • Web 2.0/3.0 in learning (social nets, semantics…)
  • Sustainable technologies in education
  • Other emerging and innovative technologies in learning