The Fifth INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (ITT 2018) is a major international research conference focuses on all technical and practical aspects of Emerging Technologies for Artificial Intelligence to solve community issues. The conference will be will be held in Higher Colleges of Technology – Dubai Women’s (DBW), UAE on 28 – 29 NOVEMBER 2018.

ITT 2018 will provide an outstanding forum for researchers, practitioners, students, policy makers, and users to exchange ideas, techniques and tools, raise awareness, and share experience related to all practical and theoretical aspects of Emerging Technologies for Artificial Intelligence to make  solutions related to communications, computer science and engineering, control systems as well as interdisciplinary research and applications.

Prospective authors are invited to submit soliciting, original, previously unpublished and high quality research papers addressing research challenges and advances including interdisciplinary research and applications.

The ITT 2018 conference will cover a broad set of research topics included but not limited to:

Intelligent Systems and Applications

  •  Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Bioinformatics
  •  Data Mining
  •  Evolutionary Computation
  •  Expert Systems
  •  Fuzzy Logic
  •  Genetic Algorithms
  •  Hardware Implementations for Intelligent Systems
  •  Intelligent Human Computer Interaction
  •  Intelligent Agents
  •  Intelligent Applications in Education
  •  Intelligent Applications in Biomedical Engineering
  •  Intelligent Approaches in Robotic and Automation
  •  Intelligent Approaches in Signal and Image   Processing
  •  Intelligent Defense/Security Systems
  •  Intelligent Life
Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications

  • Internet of Things, Everything and Nano-Things
  • Interoperability of IoT Systems
  • IoT Interactions
  • Web Technologies for the IoT
  • Real World Applications of IoT Technology
  • Internet of Things Architecture
  • Integration of Physical and Virtual Artifacts and Events
  • Social Acceptance of IoT Systems
  • Intelligent IoT
  • Mobile IoT
  • Security of Things
  • Human-Computer Interaction and privacy in IoT

Other Disruptive Technologies and their Applications

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Wearables and Implantables
  • Artificial Intelligent Fueled BOTs
  • Industrial 3D Printing
  • Self-Learning Robots
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities
  • Any other Smart and Sustainable Energy solutions