Paper Presentation Schedule

Day 1 – Date: 25 October 2017

12:15 – 13:00
Track A – Parallel Sessions
Speaker Room No
Track A1: Maturity Level of Cloud Computing at HCT

Shaikha Alqassemi, Yoney Kirsal, Amala V. Rajan

Yoney Kirsal Room 215 Absher
Track A2: Smart Education: Introducing Active Learning Engineering Classrooms in the Middle East

Cindy Gunn and John Raven

John Raven B188
Track A3A Framework for Cost-Effective Distributed Data Mining in academic institutions using Intelligent Agents

Ramakrishnan Raman, Vadivel S and Benson Edwin Raj

Ramakrishnan Raman B189
Track A4: Burst Detection in Gesture Recognition for Emergency Communication using Wearable Data Gloves

Andrews Samraj and Karthik Selvaraj

Andrews Samraj B267
14:00 – 14:45

Track B – Parallel Sessions

Speaker  Room No
Track B1Low Cost IoT Based Smart Home System Integrated With NodeMcu and ESP8266.

Syed Muqsit Shaheed, M.Saad Bin Ilyas, Javed Anjum Sheikh, Jinesh Ahmad

   Jinesh Ahmad Room 215 Absher
Track B2: A proposal for introducing Virtual Reality Assistant at Dubai Women’s College Rejitha Ravikumar, Amala V. Rajan, Jinesh Ahamed and Amna Abdulla Rejitha Ravikumar  B188
Track B3: The Influence of i-Pads on Children’s learning

Hesham Allam

Hesham Allam  B267
Track B4: An Empirical Factors that Influences the Adoption and Selection of Internet Service

Sohail Razi Khan

Sohail Razi Khan  B268
15:15 – 16:00

Track C – Parallel Sessions

Speaker  Room No
Track C1: A Secure Heuristic Framework for Online Instructor-Student Advising

Maher Salem, Khalid Samara and Mohammed Saeed Aldhaheri

Maher Salem  Room 215 Absher
Track C2: Using Average Uniform Algorithm to Model Educational Data

Azmi Alazzam and Ban Alomar

Azmi Alazzam B188
Track C3: Towards Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks

Zahoor Khan, Ayub Khan Khan and Sheeraz Ahmed

Zahoor Khan B267
Track C4: Simplification of Gesture Modeling by Boundary Analysis in Active Signals from Wearable Data Glove

Andrews Samraj, Ramesh Kumarasamy, Kalvina Rajendran and Karthik Selvaraj

Karthik Selvaraj B268


Day 2 – Date: 26 October 2017

10:00 – 10:45

Track D – Parallel Sessions

Speaker Room No
Track D1:  Evaluation of Portable Penetration Testing on Smart Cities Applications using Raspberry Pi III

Nedaa Al Barghuthi , Mohammed Saleh, Sara Al suwaidi and Sumaya Al Hammadi

Nedaa Al Barghuthi Room 215 Absher
Track D2:  Security in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Zahoor Khan, Israr Ahmed, Saleel Ap, Babak Beheshti and Imtiaz Ahmad

Imtiaz Ahmad B188
Track D3:  DSAB: Dual Sink Approach in WBANs

Sheeraz Ahmed, Zahoor Khan, Asad Wahab, Zahid Wadud Mufti and Arfa Mahmood

Zahoor Khan  B189
11:00 – 11:45

Track E – Parallel Sessions

Speaker  Room No
Track E1:  Various Node Mobility Scenarios of Wireless Sensor Networks based on B-MAC Protocol

M. Umar Khan, Sheeraz Ahmed, Zahoor Khan, Zahid Ullah and Imran Ahmed

Zahoor Khan B267
Track E2:  Online Data Processing on Cloud and Hadoop Platform

Ayesha Akhtar and Muhammad Sohaib Shakir

Ayesha Akhtar B268
11:45 – 12:30 Closing Ceremony & Awards  Auditorium
12:30-2:30   Lunch  Cafeteria